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Sign Up Now for The New Term

by kim1VOH
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Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir is getting ready to start new term of singing for wellbeing. Sign up now and secure your place if its anything like the first term then we’re gonna have an exciting and fun term ahead!  

Sing Gospel and Give a Boost to Your Wellbeing

by kim1VOH
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voh new season e-flyer
Following on from an uplifting and inspiring Taster Session on Friday 6 April with the Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir, those on the journey towards wellness along with their supporters or those who just love to sing gospel are invited to join the Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir for 10 weeks of inspirational singing at the BRI’s Sanctuary starting Friday 20 April at 6pm.

Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir

Taster session participants sing gospel in a fully engaging workshop expertly led by Choir Director Kim Samuels.

When asked about the reasons behind the Voice of Hope Wellbeing on such an in-demand topic, choir director Kim Samuels says: “Wintertime can be an emotionally low time for many people, and their carers who are supporting them. The choir sessions begin in springtime to encourage and boost the spirits of participants. I have been conducting gospel choirs in London and now Bristol for over 30 years and have come to understand the power of singing gospel music in a choir setting for our wellbeing where we get to sing from the heart in a friendly and supportive environment. The rehearsal space is kindly being provided by the Chaplaincy at the BRI.”

To fully benefit from the therapeutic effects of singing in a choir, committing to a block of regular choir sessions will make a real difference when it comes to boosting wellbeing. The Taster workshop on 6 April was an excellent starting point especially for individuals who hadn’t experienced singing in a gospel choir. Some taster session participants have already signed up for the block of sessions starting on 20th April.

We are also expecting others who either had a really positive experience attending the taster session or are just curious to experience the joy and encouragement that comes when you sing gospel in a choir to also sign up for the next full term with the Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir.


Interested parties can find the most up-to-date information about the upcoming term of choir sessions at voiceofhopechoir.org. Individuals with specific questions about the choir may contact Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir via the Contact
page on the website or email info@voiceofhopechoir.org.

About Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir:

Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir is a non-audition choir that aims to help those affected by serious illnesses – including patients, carers, family members and hospital staff – as well as those who are looking for a place to meet new people and experience the joy of the shared endeavour. Though the focus is on wellbeing, the choir also receives people from the wider community who enjoy singing and would like to experience something refreshing and uplifting. Furthermore, Voice of Hope welcomes people of all faiths or none.

FREE Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir Taster Workshop – 6 April 2018

by kim1VOH
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  For those who are unwell and on the journey towards wellness, carers and care workers looking to boost vitality and confience, Voice of Hope Wellbeing Gospel Choir is offering a FREE gospel choir taster session on Friday 6th April 2018. The workshop will be held at The Sanctuary, Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) Level 4, King Edward Building, Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol BS2 8HW and will last an hour and a half.   Why is tapping into the joy and therapeutic power of singing gospel so effective?   Research has shown for some time that singing in a choir has […]

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